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We've all been there ... A friend or family member gives you a well-intentioned beauty gift, only for the color to be slightly off, or the scent is less than flattering once it makes contact with your skin. What do you do? Unless you decide to re-gift the item, chances are, the product is tucked away in your bathroom closet gathering dust---until now. eDivv, an online platform that allows users to buy, sell, or swap their unused beauty loot, has the answer, and as an added plus, you could score some new products out of the deal!

Getting started is easy; Simply connect your eDivv account to your Facebook, and from there, you can create a shop and list the products you want to clear out. Even better, it isn't just full-size items that are accepted. If you've collected one too many Birchbox samples over the course of your subscription, you can include those in your store to sell or swap.

If you're on the market for new products, click the "Divvy It" button next to anything you want to add to your arsenal, and you'll have the option to buy from the user, or offer items in your store to trade. We want to know: Would you ever buy, sell, or swap unused products? Sound off in our poll below, and head over to to check out the site in full!