Body Shaming - Lead
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In an ideal world, no woman would ever be made to feel bad about her body, but unfortunately girls are shamed every day for their size, shape, weight, and more. To help women remember that they are not alone, the founder of athletic-wear brand Oiselle, Sally Bergesen, shared a story where her own father body-shamed her as a preteen, and encouraged girls to share their own.

“’Keep eating like that and you’re going to be a butterball.’ My Dad when I was 12. Pls RT and share a body shaming comment. #TheySaid,” she wrote on Twitter.

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Before long, the responses were flooding in from girls and women around the world, sharing their own infuriating experiences with body-shaming, some happening as early as the age of 6. “’You’d be a knock-out if you lost 15 pounds.’ Spoken to me by my ‘boyfriend’ who was about 30 pounds overweight,” one woman shared.

“You’re going to have to lose weight if you want to do fun things at school and be happy,” one woman’s mom told her before she started junior high.

While searching through the hashtag will make you angry that so many woman experience these terrible comments, it’s a powerful reminder that body-shaming needs to end and raising awareness can only help us to defeat it.

And, of course, that every body is perfect, just the way it is.