Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Wonder Woman is getting rave reviews and, along with inspiring a newfound love for Gal Gadot, the movie is also pushing female viewers to live their best, superhero lives. From Wonder Woman-themed birthday parties to Diana Prince cakes, the feminist hero is inspiring women everywhere, and perhaps no recreations are better than these powerful ladies copying Diana’s sword-in-the-dress trick.

In the movie, the badass hero walks into a party with her God Killer sword tucked into the back of her red carpet-worthy gown (a savvy way to keep it handy when danger arises). Well, women seem to be inspired by this insane party trick, and they’re recreating the move on social media using #WWgotyourback.

VIDEO: Watch the Wonder Woman Trailer

According to one Twitter user, holding your weapon in your back is “surprisingly comfortable,” although it’s probably not as comfy when your sword is actually made of metal.

Slay, ladies.