By Brandi Fowler
Apr 21, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

After years of shaving, fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas was tired of adhering to societal norms.

So, she put her razor to the side and decided to stop removing the hair from her underarms and legs for a year. Last month, Mikenas explained in a YouTube video why she decide to make the change, saying, "I guess my number one reason that I stopped is that [shaving] took so much time."

"It took up so much of my time to get in the shower and have to shave everything and then wash my hair and then wash my body," she continued. "One day I was like, 'Why am I doing this anymore?'"

"I was worried that if I let my hair grow out, I would feel dirty and ashamed because I didn't feel feminine," she added. "Then, I would feel obligated to go shave my legs so I would feel good and feel sexy. Not anymore."


Mikenas went on to discuss a time when she was in middle school and was teased by other girls for having hairy legs. "I came home to my mom, I was crying, and telling her to teach me how to shave my legs. That's when it all began," she said. "I would shave my armpits and my legs. It felt good, it felt silky."

She's even teased now for having hairy legs by kids who are way younger than that—kindergartners at a school where she works. "[They say] 'Eww, you look like a man. You didn't shave," she said. But, it doesn't phase her like it used to. "What does that say if that is how these kids are being taught," she continued. "I've even seen children in childcare, in the third grade, who are shaving their legs. I didn't shave my legs until middle school."

This is my beautiful friend @earthhands_ What she does with her social media is something I aspire to be/do with mine as well:) She is an artist of all kinds and is one of the most kindest/genuine humans I've had the pleasure of connecting with. Her words and actions inspire me to be a better person everyday!:) Check her out!🤘🏼💙 "M Y D E A R E S T Y O U ✨One of my goals for this platform was for it to be completely honest and raw. I truly believe that we need more of that in this world. We need the good and the bad. The light and the dark. And the path in between. Last night there was this buildup in my heart, a bit from the chilly weather, a bit from my exhaustion from the day and a bit from some judgements I had of myself. It was a pretty amazing journey however, because even at the moment when the sadness began, I recognized it there and had immediate compassion for it. I was completely with it, and felt every part of it. Whereas in the past, I would have shoved it away and distracted myself, or if I didn't do that and actually let myself feel it, I would have judged and ridiculed myself and it would have turned into a downwards spiral. When I finally broke down (in the arms of a beloved dear human), I freed myself of all thoughts rooted in fear. I became one with the present again and became one with what WAS instead of what WASN'T. It is important that we are our number one fan and love ourselves unconditionally, even when we are feeling down. This is when we need our own love the most. Remember that your mental and emotional health are so incredibly important, and they deserve your love and attention. When we feel our pains, that is where we truly grow the most. Reflecting on how far you've come boosts self-confidence and gives you courage. Pay ode to the beauty and light of your being, always. Much love to you all, beautiful people." #spreadlove #positivity #inspireothers #bethechange #beautiful #unity #inspiration #goodvibesonly #wordsofwisdom #word #goddess #bodyhairdontcare #bodypositive #weareone #onelove #selfcare #mindfulness #smile

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Mikenas who thinks it's "unfair" that women have to adhere to the "societal norm" of shaving. "I just think it's unfair to people that think they have to be in this culture norm," she continued. "You should just do whatever makes you feel good."

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And now that her hairless year is up, it doesn't look like she's going back to a clean-shaven look any time soon. "I love my body hair," she said. "I love the hair that grows on my body."