This Woman Dined at Hogwarts and We've Never Been More Jealous

Hogwarts Castle - Lead
Photo: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty

Jealousy is an emotion we try to stay away from as much as possible, but we're only human, thus it arises from time to time. We have seriously never felt more desirous of any experience in our lives, than we have while perusing Destiny Blue's Instagram and latest photos. The reason why? The blue-haired beauty just dined at Hogwarts.

Blue took to Imgur to upload a ton of her fantastic photos, which still have us completely spellbound. Her dinner at Hogwarts' Great Hall wasn't the real thing—it was a part of the epic saga's Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour in London—but it's as close as anyone can get. They even gave them all wands. It was seriously too magical to even recount.

VIDEO: A Taste of Harry Potter's 'Dinner in the Great Hall' Experience in London

The tickets will set you back a pretty penny, coming in at just around $260. But in our estimation, that's more than worth it for a once in a lifetime experience. Check out all of Destiny Blue's photos and we dare you to not completely change your Christmas wish list immediately. Get all the info for the tour.

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