Credit: Courtesy; Getty Images

If you were planning on asking for a pair of L.L. Bean duck boots for the holidays, you may need to think again. It's not even mid-December and L.L. Bean has sold out of most sizes of its signature duck boots for men and women.

The company reportedly has a wait list that is 100,000 names long and the next round of boots won't be available for purchase until February 2015. The boots, which have been around since the early 1900s, are having a bit of a fashion moment right now as high school and college students are embracing the preppy, outdoorsy (and waterproof) look.

One might think L.L. Bean could simply produce a greater number of the cold-weather kicks—but it's not that easy. “Making more boots is also a slow process given the specialization needed to produce the hand-crafted boots,” a company spokesperson tells Yahoo Style. And even though they have ramped up production, and hired more people, it takes a new boot maker more than six months of training to master the stitching.

If your size is out of stock and you're still in need of some winter boots, try one of these alternatives instead!