Win a Trip Into Outer Space with Axe!

Buzz Aldrin - Axe Apollo
Photo: Courtesy of Axe (2); Getty images

You read that right; men's grooming brand Axe is letting 22 lucky people take one small step into the cosmos! The brand made the announcement last week at New York City's Hayden Planetarium, where Buzz Aldrin, the first man on the Moon, was named spokesperson for their aptly-titled Apollo scent. "44 years ago I made the brave decision to venture into space, and it changed my life forever," the astronaut said. "Now, you too can become a member of this privileged group, and experience everything that I have." That's one way to give the term "fragrance launch" a literal meaning! The Axe Apollo Space Academy will select 22 applicants to train in Florida, who will venture into low Earth orbit on their Lynx spacecraft. Trips are scheduled to last around an hour, reaching an altitude of 64 miles. (Fun fact: Space is only 62 miles from the Earth's surface!) The contest is open until February 3 with flights taking place in 2014, so head over to to enter! Plus, shop the full range of Apollo products, priced from $5 to $6, at drugstores nationwide right now.

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