This Sleeping Demi Lovato Selfie Is Wilmer Valderrama's Ultimate "Payback"

Demi and Wilmer Lead
Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images

If you're going to post a secret selfie of your sleeping girlfriend, you'd better make the caption worthwhile. Thankfully, that's what Wilmer Valderrama did when he took a photo of Demi Lovato as she snoozed next to him.

"It must be EXHAUSTING to be that #Confident.. This lil angel created an inspirational & emotional journey.. Then she sprinkled badass dust on it! GO GET #ConfidentOniTunes!" he captioned the photo, which shows him grinning into the camera with Dovato nestled next to him:

While our hearts are melting thanks to his sweet words of support, he did have an ulterior motive for sharing the sleeping picture of his girlfriend: payback.

Earlier this year, Lovato posted a photo of Valderrama taking a cat nap (below), so it was only fitting that he repay the social media favor.

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