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When Willow Smith puts her name on something, you know it’s bound to be anything but boring.

Enter: the 16-year-old’s sock collaboration with Stance. It’s not as though we expected the campaign to portray Willow L.L. Bean-style, smiling on the couch in a pair of fashionable socks—but the route the brand ended up taking was far beyond anything we could’ve imagined.

Much like Smith’s Instagram presence, her debut sock collection feels otherworldly and experimental. The Willow Smith x Stance collaboration features two fits (mid-length 200 Everyday and the knee-high Tall Boot) in three message-bearing designs: the black and white “You Thought You Knew,” the cryptic “Step into the Unknown,” and the "Earth vs. Cosmo” pair, which depicts a peaceful waterfall scene.

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Smith noted the inspiration behind her "ever-changing universe"-themed collection in a statement. "With Stance I was given total creative freedom to tell a story and share my vision," she said. "I pull a lot of inspiration from the idea that there is more about this world than the here and now, and that’s what this collection represents to me. I like the thought that every day you can step into the unknown."

Even trippier than the socks themselves: Willow’s bodysuit-clad campaign images. In one iteration, the singer peacefully floats while wearing a gray and black graphic catsuit and modeling a pair of socks (above, at top). In other photos, she looks fierce in a liquid black bodysuit, with Bantu knots atop her head, and with geometric designs encircling her eyes.

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The socks range from $14 to $18 and are available at starting today. Shop the collection below.

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You Thought You Knew ($14;

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Earth Vs Cosmo ($18;

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Step Into the Unknown ($18;

VIDEO: Willow Smith Debuts Stance Sock Collaboration

Who knew socks could be so supernatural?