By Meredith Lepore
Jul 29, 2016 @ 9:30 am

Will Smith is one of the biggest stars on the planet, so he needs to make a really good entrance when he comes on The Tonight Show. But when Smith walked out on the show on Thursday, he felt that his first one wasn't good enough. "I feel that they deserve a better entrance than that. I'll do one more," he said running backstage. So Fallon did his rather long introduction again and then Smith came out walking in a giant plastic ball (yes, like a hamster).

"That was pretty good. I felt a little bit better about that one. I just think they deserve a little bit more than that," he said. Smith reminded him he was Fallon's first guest ever on The Tonight Show and had to hold himself to a higher standard. Fallon agreed and went into the super long intro again. This time a bunch of '70s-themed dancers did a whole routine before Smith Soul Train-ed down the line. But still, he wasn't satisfied. "That was almost it," the Suicide Squad star said.

For the fourth time, Fallon said parts of the intro again and then a gospel choir came out singing, "Will Smith on The Tonight Show" before the actor came out riding a unicorn (a white horse with a stuck-on horn) as confetti fell. Now that was an entrance. "Unfortunately, we are out of time," said Fallon and they cut to a commercial. But it was totally worth it for that amazing final entrance! Watch Smith make four different entrances in the video above.

After he finally stayed in the chair, Smith talked about how his son Jaden Smith tricked him into coming to London for his 18th birthday and then revealing that the drinking age was 18 there, much to Smith's surprise. Smith and Fallon also talked about taking a cross-country road trip in a camper.

Watch the clip above to see them plan their trip.