Will Ferrell Crashed the Kardashian House, and Kendall Didn't Know What to Do

Will Ferrell Jenner
Photo: Mike Marsland/Getty Images

With the holidays right around the corner, movie lovers can expect to see Will Ferrell on their screens starring as Buddy the Elf in the movie Elf, but not many would expect to see Ferrell in real life. Especially if they didn't invite him over.

Such was the case for the Kardashian family. Ferrell crashed Kris Jenner's home in a video on Thursday in order to offer an important PSA. The only problem? It seems he forgot to tell them.

Ferrell spoke to a camera in the foyer of the Kardashian-Jenner home about Cancer for College, an organization that helps cancer survivors by granting college scholarships. In a lovely and spirited move, Ferrell pledged to match every donation made to Cancer for College up to $250,000.

While the sentiment was strong and Ferrell's words genuine, we couldn't help but notice some confused looking Kardashians in the background at the end of the video. Kendall Jenner bumped into Ferrell mid-speech before walking up the stairs looking perplexed. Kris Jenner stepped through the frame as well, and for once, the momager didn't seem to be involved in the production going on in her house.

While Ferrell joked that the beautiful home was his, he began to hastily pack up his set and equipment once the Jenners returned. Smart move, since Kris called for security at the end of the video, while Kendall asked cheekily "Is that Seth Rogan?"

His message may have been interrupted (and TBH he may have been trespassing), but what Ferrell had to say was still the star of the whole encounter. Click here if you'd like to join in on Cancer for College's work by donating yourself. Just be sure to tell people if you choose to film your own PSA.

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