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When I got married six years ago, I did my own make-up because I couldn't bear the idea of my brows not being just so or my lashes being lined too thickly (I have hooding and many make-up artists make the mistake of adding too much black north of my lash line, resulting in a big, inky mess). Basically, I wanted to look as I usually did, but with slightly fresher make-up that had been applied with more care.

It seems Pippa Middleton and I are, on this, united in opinion. Her beauty look for her wedding was her usual thing, tidied and freshened up a tad. Here's the break down, along with some words of wisdom from Pippa's purported make-up artist for the big day, Hannah Martin.

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Pippa Middleton is ALL about the tan, so she stuck to her guns on her wedding day, opting for her usual teak tone. If you're a tan fan and want to get one for your big day, remember to exfoliate properly before applying, and do a tan trial the month before so that you’re precisely the shade you want to be. On your face, add a smidgen of bronzer where needed for an extremely subtle contour.

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This is where Pippa's taken advice from the pros - 'I always recommend a bride take a blush in their bag - it really freshens up their complexion' says Hannah Martin. Try a cream formula massaged on top of foundation for the most natural glow. We love Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge.


Pippa steered clear of heavy liner, opting for a more powdery, soft haze of colour. This, Martin advises, is ideal for brides who want to widen their eyes: 'if you put too much eyeliner on, or apply it to the lower waterline during the day, it can make eyes look smaller.'

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Pippa's bucked the big brow trend, simply enhancing her own with feathery strokes of a powder. Hannah suggests sticking to powder for fullness where possible - a wax pencil may heat on skin over the course of the day and result in shine, so if you have sparse areas, fill with a waterproof ink to mimic hairs and then add powder if bulking out.


Pippa's choice of a creamy nude is no surprise - it's a flattering, low maintenance colour that won't smudge during a kiss and works perfectly with tanned skin and an enhanced eye. For this step, having conditioned lips is key. Martin's advice? 'Put lip balm on right at the beginning of doing your make-up so that it has time to soften - and so that you don't put lipstick right on top of it, causing it smudge.'