Why We Can't Wait for Amy Poehler's Difficult People

Difficult People Show - Lead
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Judging by the hilarious performances she delivered in Parks and Recreation, SNL, 30 Rock, and Mean Girls, it’s safe to guess that anything Amy Poehler gets her hands on will turn into comedic gold. And though she’s not expected to make an on-camera appearance on her latest venture as executive producer of Difficult People, we can’t wait to spend our hours watching the show this summer.

“I would binge watch the s--t out of this show if I had nothing to do with it,” Poehler told fans at a panel during Vulture Festival in New York this past weekend. The semi-autobiographical show was written by fellow comedian Julie Klausner (famous for her How Was Your Week? podcasts) and follows both Klausner and co-star Billy Eichner (known for Billy on the Street) through a self-reflective journey up the show business ladder, and is sprinkled with cameos from stars such as Seth Myers, Martin Short, Fred Armisen, and even Debbie Harry.

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Klausner and Eichner (above) are close friends in real life, which was evident when the audience witnessed the rapid-fire joke exchanges between the two. Among the laugh-out-loud lines were minutes-long explanations of why they love Louis and Wendy Williams, and how Dan in Real Life is among one of the greatest films of all time.

So how does Poehler feel about their relationship? “That’s how they talk … and so it allows the show and Julie’s writing to be packed with jokes,” Poehler added. “[The script] had that thing that you’re always looking for. It had a really specific tone and voice and the chemistry between the two of them, as you can tell, is very real.”

Difficult People premieres on Hulu this August.

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