Walking/Anti-Aging Lead
Credit: Getty Images

The fountain of youth could be hiding in your daily exercise routine. In an identical twin study conducted by Dr. Shino Bay, outlined in his book Be Youthful ($20;, Bay found that simply walking 45 minutes at least 3 times a week not only helped with physical strength, but also aided in improving cognition, mental health, and slowing the aging process. "Physical exercise increases blood flow to the brain, giving it more resources to do its work, and increases the length of the telomere, which are thought to be the ticking clocks of all cells in the body," he explains to Instyle. "It decreases the aging of the immune system, and increases the youth and vitality of the body."

When comapring the subjects, Bay found that the twin who exercised regularly had more grey matter in the brain, which processes information, and allowed the brain to function at a higher capacity. Because the telomeres are affected, these "ticking clocks" are tricked into thinking they're younger than they actually are, boasting added benefits for the aging cycle of your skin. "Exercise increases blood flow to all organs, so in general, people who exercise have healthier skin," adds Bay. Just be sure to apply a layer of SPF before heading outside—despite the fact that you can manipulate your telomeres, the sun's harmful UV rays can still do their damage.

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