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From Adele to Victoria Beckham, celebrities continue to sing the praises of Weleda's Skin Food ($19; With the ability to nourish just about any spot on your body that may be hungry for some moisture, the hydrating blend has become so well-known among stars and pro makeup artists, even Rihanna has been known to request a few tubes with her manicurist prior to an appointment. Designer Tory Burch notes the product as one of her favorite drugstore finds, according to Julia Roberts, its multi-tasking nature extends past the use of a hand treatment. "I put it on my hands after I wash dishes, and wind up putting it on my elbows and feet," Roberts previously told InStyle. "Before you know it, I've squeezed this poor little green tube into a twist."

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Thanks to the trio of pansy extract, sunflower seed oil, and rosemary leaf oil, the cream works wonders on all skin types. The salicylic acid found in the pansy extract will help soothe inflammation in oily or breakout-prone complexions, while dry skin will drink in the vitamin E derived from the sunflower plant. Want to kick your anti-aging game into high gear? Rosemary oil has been shown to stimulate circulation, and in turn, imparts a firmer, more-youthful appearance. "I use this cream everywhere---face, cuticles, elbows, feet," adds makeup artist Romy Soleimani, who has worked with Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler. "It leaves skin with a nice sheen, and no greasy residue." Is there anything the product can't do? If you're eager to find out, or just want to give your skin the five-star treatment, head over to to pick up a tube for yourself, priced at $19.