Tyler Cameron Explained Why He and Gigi Hadid Just Didn't Work

Once and for all.

While they were never officially official, Tyler Cameron confirmed that he and his now-ex Gigi Hadid were defintiely a bona fide Thing over the summer. In an appearance on People TV, the Bachelorette alum explained that while the two didn't work out romantically, there are no hard feelings between the two of them and, in fact, they're still good friends.

When he was asked about what he'd remember most fondly about their short relationship, Cameron reiterated that he was glad that they two didn't burn any bridges. While the romance was definitely something he enjoyed, he says that getting a genuine friend out of the whole situation was just as important.

"Just meeting someone that was great. She’s a great person, and I met a great friend," Cameron said. "She's someone that I have a lot of respect for and think highly of, so I met a great person."

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He noted that the breakup wasn't bad at all. Like sources close to the couple suggested, he and Hadid were simply not in the right place to be seeing each other.

"I took it as I met a great person, a great friend," he added. "It wasn’t like a bad breakup or anything like that. It was just, we're at different parts of our lives right now. We're just friends."

Hadid hasn't said anything about the relationship -- out loud, at least. Earlier this month, she wore a sweatshirt with a not-so-subtle message: "Boys Lie, Goodbye."

Lie about what, exactly? We won't know unless Hadid spills the details, but Cameron's continued insistence that the two weren't that serious could be a point of contension, good friends or not.

"We're just friends. I mean [...] that's just where we're at. Our relationship doesn't need to be public. She's good people, she's an amazing person, and we're just keeping it friendly," Cameron told Entertainment Tonight in September. "I'm at the point where I don't really want to talk about my relationships. I've dated publicly, so [...] I'm trying to date privately and I'm not in love with anybody right now. I'm in love with myself."

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