The Selfless Reason Why Paris Jackson Embraces Her Fame

Until recently, stepping away from the limelight and trappings of Hollywood was a top priority for Paris Jackson.

Born into pop star royalty, Michael Jackson's daughter shied away from life in the public eye until she realized she could use her platform to help others. At People's Ones to Watch Party on Wednesday, Jackson admitted that her interest in mental health prompted her to change her outlook.

"I originally wanted to just kind of stay out of the spotlight and become a psychologist or a nurse at a psychiatric ward," the model said. "I realized it would be a shame to waste the platform I was given. Having the ability to go into the acting and fashion world, I just figured why not use that to make my platform bigger. That way, instead of helping the world one by one with patients, I could help the masses."

While the new face of Calvin Klein says she's still figuring out how to maintain a level of privacy amidst her new fashion campaigns, an upcoming film debut in Gringo, and her work as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, she's focused on staying grounded.

"The best advice I've been given is to be strategic in the mind, young at heart, and wise in the soul," she concluded. "If you have those three things you can navigate pretty easily any path that you're on."

Wise words from such a young star!

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