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Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer has a secret: she's a self-proclaimed mystery fanatic. So it only makes sense that Spencer is putting her sleuthing skills into writing with the release of Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective: The Sweetest Heist in History. The second installment of Spencer's Randi Rhodes children's book trilogy follows its pint-sized heroine to New York City, where she uncovers an art heist that needs to be solved.

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Spencer has been working on Randi Rhodes's story for over a decade. "I'm a detective at heart," the actress tells InStyle. "I wrote this interactive mystery series for kids who crave adventure and who also like to learn real life sleuthing techniques." And don't worry--you won't have to wait for a plot recap from your teenage neice. Spencer says, "Adults will also enjoy it because it is a fun yet compelling story."