Don't Cut Hair – Lead
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While split ends and grown-out bangs may be all the incentive you need to start chopping away at your own strands, we hate to break it to you, but an at-home haircut is probably not the answer to your problems. Cutting hair takes some serious skill, and snipping off your own locks could end in disaster. We chatted with Ray Symons, Master Stylist at Mizu Salon in NYC and Eugene Toye, Senior Stylist of Rita Hazan Salon to get their take on the subject.

When it comes to a hairdo, trusting a trained professional is almost always the way to go. Why? Besides the fact that the pros are, well, pros, who've trained for years in shaping and styling techniques, Symons points out that even when naturally skilled, DIYers often aren’t equipped with the proper tools to do the job right: “Kitchen scissors, nail scissors or a dull blade can damage your hair by causing split frayed ends, a lopsided sided look, short Buster Brown bangs, crying, tears, and frustration.”

Finding time for an appointment and affording frequent haircuts can be tough, so to extend the life of your coif, take advantage of the free perks that many salons offer. “The majority of stylists offer complimentary bang trims in-between haircuts that can extend the life of it,” Toye tells InStyle. He also recommends asking your stylist to teach you to style your own hair—which could cut down how frequently you need to get a trim. “When you go get your hair cut, ask the stylist about some tips to use at home, such as using rollers, curling irons, braiding your hair, accessories, chic ponytails, and quick, simple buns," Toye says. These simple tricks can take any ‘do to the next level until a salon appointment is available—no post-cutting disasters involved.