By InStyle Staff
Updated May 03, 2013 @ 11:45 am
John Shearer

Pixie cuts hold more style options than they get credit for, and just by changing up the texture, you can take your look from polished to edgy in five seconds flat—a rule that Miley Cyrus knows well. The star surprised everyone in August when she ditched her lengthy Hannah Montana strands for a punk rock crop, and she's been playing with new looks daily since then. "It's crazy because every day, your hair is different when it's short," the star told us at Brian Bowen Smith's book launch in Hollywood. "Every day I wake up, and I get something new. So it's fun!" Because of the ultra-short length, simple changes like re-positioning your part or giving your strands a slight tousle look more dramatic than they do on longer hairstyles. "It's 100% the best bed head you could ever have," Cyrus added. "You wake up and you feel pretty good, or if you don't, you slap on a little Valentino pin and you're like, 'Okay, I'm cute today!'" Quick, chic, and easy—we love it.

Try on Miley's short crop by clicking the box below.

— Andrea Simpson