Here's Why Melania Trump and Billy Ray Cyrus Are Hanging Out

It wasn't a crossover we saw coming.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Melania Trump are hanging out? No, they’re not working on another “Old Town Road” remix — though “Cowboy hat from Gucci” sounds like something Melania would probably wear to a rodeo. So, what business, exactly, does the singer/actor/Miley Cyrus DNA-contributor have with the First Lady? A commitment to bein’ best, apparently.

Cyrus met with Trump and Channing Smith’s family as part of the Be Best anti-bullying initiative. Smith, 16, killed himself in September after sexual messages he’d exchanged with another boy were leaked on social media by his small-town Tennessee classmates.

The singer has been actively raising awareness to the circumstances surrounding Smith’s death in the months since his passing.

“What an honor to sit w/The First Lady at the White House. @FLOTUS Your sincerity was truly inspiring. You/your team were so engaged to Channing's grieving father & brother & brought ideas/strategy to make the world a safer better place for the youth in America #JusticeForChanning,” Cyrus captioned an image from their meeting.

Trump shared a similar post, writing, “Highlighting online safety is one of my #BeBest priorities. Yesterday, @billyraycyrusintroduced me to the Smith family to hear about the tragic loss of their loved one from cyberbullying. Teaching positive online behaviors can ensure a safer future for our children."

Honestly, it's great to see the First Lady working to end cyber bullying. Maybe she can address her husband's alleged online witness intimidation next?

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