By Alexandra Whittaker
Oct 26, 2018 @ 1:15 pm

Meghan Markle has been serving fierce nighttime formal fashion on her royal tour of Australia with Prince Harry, but she left one notable accessory at home: her tiara.

While Kate Middleton was across the globe in a sparkling topper from Princess Diana's jewelry box, Markle went tiara-less this week, despite the fact that she was also attending formal dinners. At first we weren't sure what caused her to say no to such a unique royal perk — because let's face it, the opportunity to wear fancy tiaras does not come by often — but it may not have been a choice for Markle in the first place.


According to News.Au, the Duchess of Sussex has not been permitted to wear a tiara because the state dinners she's attended have not been proper white tie events. Basically, according to the outlet, a white tie event is the only situation in which a royal family member can wear a tiara. Markle has only attended black tie events since landing abroad.

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White tie events typically include things like formal balls, nighttime weddings, and state dinners, but black tie is ever-so-slightly less formal. The differences in actual outfits at black and white tie events are usually subtle, but you can't miss the tiaras in the latter.


For men, white tie typically requires a full suit — including a white bow tie — and formal shoes. For women, the general rules of thumb are less explicit, but princess-like gowns are the typical go-to. 

Fingers crossed that Meghan and Harry get invited to a white tie event soon.