By InStyle Staff
Updated Jun 19, 2013 @ 11:15 am
Sipa USA

What inspired Elisabeth Moss to pull an Anne Hathaway punk bleached-out pixie in May? Spontaneity, she told at the 2013 Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills. “I did a photo shoot where we pinned it back and made it look like this and it was really like a punk shoot,” she told “I loved it, and so the next day I had to do a talk show and I walked into the dressing room and I was like ‘Let’s cut it off’ because I really liked it.” And it’s working out so far—it’s low maintenance with consistent results. “It’s so much easier for me because I can’t do my own hair, so when I don’t get it done professionally, nothing happens,” she said. “If it is blonde and short, it’s so much easier for me.” Gorgeous!

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— Kwala Mandel