By Alexandra Whittaker
Aug 28, 2018 @ 2:30 pm

In our current state of Kardashian baby-dom bliss, with photos of Chicago, Stormi, and True regularly taking up prime real estate on their famous mamas' Instagram feeds, it might slip your mind that around this time last year, we were in the midst of a Kardashian Krisis. Nobody was confirming or denying the avalanche of pregnancy rumors surrounding Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, and the latter conveniently disappeared from the public eye.

Eventually, with a surprise 11-minute video, Kylie explained why she ghosted the spotlight. But what about Khloé? The elder of the two hadn't really addressed why it took so long for her to cop to being pregnant with True publicly, until now.

D Dipasupil

On the newest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it came to light that Khloé was actually waiting on Kylie before announcing her pregnancy, who was further along with Stormi. 

“I am really anxious to announce my pregnancy, but Kylie’s three months ahead of me and I want to give her her own time to shine and let her do her thing,” Khloé admitted. “But Kylie keeps going back and forth on whether she will announce.”

The wait began to wear on her. “Waiting is so frustrating because my body is changing and people are super invasive and just not being respectful,” she said.

As we all know now, Kylie ultimately opted not to talk about her pregnancy until Stormi was already born, leaving room for Khloé to confirm her own news in a December Instagram post.

"I don't think I'm ever going to announce that I'm pregnant. Never," Kylie told her pregnant big sis over the phone. "I just don't wanna be in the spotlight, I'm just gonna be low-key. So we think that you should go ahead. You don't have to wait for me, it's exciting."

All's well that ends well. Now when are we going to get a picture of all three babies together?