"It wasn’t even really a thought process."


On a recent episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa made a major announcement: she had quit drinking alcohol.

Ripa joked about it at the time, calling her decision to stop drinking wine the reason for a a downturn in sales of the beverage. But now, in an interview with People, she's come clean about why she hasn't had a single drop of alcohol in three years. And it may come as a shocker, but it actually wasn't even intentional.

The host told People that the decision actually began with a pact with her friends to stop drinking for a single month. That month just happened to be the same time her co-host Ryan Seacrest came onto the show.

"Ryan likes to blame himself for me stopping drinking, he’s like, ‘I got here and you stopped drinking.’ It really was not that. I did a sober month — all my girlfriends did it, we all did it together — and I just never went back to it," Ripa said of her decision.

"It wasn’t even really a thought process. It felt great, I felt like I looked great, I felt like I didn’t feel hungover. Not that I was a heavy drinker — I wasn’t someone who got drunk — but even like two glasses of wine at a girl’s night out dinner; I would feel it the next morning." Seacrest had thought it was because of his influence this whole time, and it was just Ripa living her best life.

"I just didn’t really feel the need or desire to go back to it,” she continues. “It wasn’t really a choice or a thought, it was just, ‘Yeah, I guess I don’t drink anymore.’" And as it turns out, staying away from alcohol was a much simpler decision than, say, quitting smoking when she did so around 25 years ago.

"Quitting smoking I really had to think about," Ripa admitted. "I was like: ‘Smoking leads to cancer and it will kill you.’ It was a thing I had to tell myself. And I was like, ‘It gives you wrinkles.’ And that was the thing that was really terrifying. But you don’t want to die early, needlessly, over cigarettes. Over something you don’t even like that much anyway. But drinking was very easy I didn’t really think about it at all."

Looks like Kelly has certainly made some very smart decisions for her health over the past few years, whether intentional or not.