Sources close to the couple have spoken. 


Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx rocked our collective worlds on Monday when news of their breakup spread like wildfire across the media landscape. But after six years together, what went wrong? Well, there isn’t exactly a consensus — or, more likely, it wasn’t one isolated thing that caused their downfall.

Page Six broke the story first, reporting that a “spy” overheard Holmes tell a friend “What Jamie does is his business — we haven’t been together for months,” over dinner in N.Y.C. The report came days after Foxx was spotted holding hands with Sela Vave, a young singer he’d signed to his record label.

Reports concerning the cause of Foxx and Holmes’s swan song are highly divisive. People’s source described the split as more-or-less mutual, explaining that the relationship “ran its course.”

“This industry is very tough on relationships,” People’s source shared. “Jamie thinks Katie is an incredible human being. They had a very, very deep connection. They brought each other a lot of joy and laughter.”

Entertainment Tonights informant had a different take, telling the outlet that reconciliation isn’t out of the question, but that neither party was willing to relocate for the other (Foxx is based in L.A., while Holmes lives in N.Y.C.). "They never had a typical relationship," they said. "They have always been incredibly independent and their lives didn't revolve around each other. They lived separately and in different cities and saw each other occasionally. They are just both caught up with their own families, careers and obligations that their relationship had to take a back seat.”

Us Weekly reported that Holmes broke up with Foxx, in part due to his “disrespectful” habits. “It has been many years of him stepping out with other women,” the source revealed. “He’s disrespectful and their lives were different. His partying ways don’t fit with hers as she’s focused on raising her daughter and working.”

Despite somewhat conflicting reports, everyone seems to agree on one thing: Holmes and Foxx led very different lives. Personal theory: the media attention probably didn’t help.

So long to the photo op-averse Katie and Jamie. We should have known the end was near when they deigned to pose together at the Met Gala.

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