By Claire Stern
Jan 28, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
Yoni Goldberg

We all have that a-ha moment in our early twenties when we realize it's time to finally start acting like an adult—and the first step toward that goal usually is learning how to prepare a meal. Haylie Duff knows the struggle all too well. Despite helming a food blog, Real Girl's Kitchenand a book and Cooking Channel show of the same namethe 30-year-old budding lifestyle guru first honed her craft only after one of her parents scolded her. 

"I had just started living on my own, and my mom came over, opened up one of my kitchen drawers, and it was filled with takeout menus," Duff recalls to InStyle. "She was the mother who always made home-cooked meals for us, and she was gravely disappointed. That was the ultimate turning point for me." 

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Now, Duff is using her recently acquired culinary talents for a good cause by teaming up with LÄRABAR and Feeding America on a new initiative to make food accessible for as many people as possible. If you want to participate, all you need to do is share a photo, video, or tweet with the hashtag #ShareRealFood, or donate to a local food bank"[LÄRABAR founder] Lara Merriken's food philosophy is very in line with mine," Duff says. "She uses simple ingredients—and very few of them."

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Proof that you don't need a fully stocked pantry to be a successful chef. Or, for that matter, know how to properly operate a microwave. Says Duff, "My family still loves to tease me that they cannot believe that the girl who's blown up three microwaves has her own cooking show."