Elizabeth Banks
Credit: Vincent Sandoval/FilmMagic

Die-hard fans of The Hunger Games books can attest that Effie Trinket, District 12's resident fashion maven, didn't have nearly as prominent a role as she did in the film adaptation. So when we recently spoke to Elizabeth Banks, who brilliantly portrays the chipper, heavily made-up Capitol escort on the big screen, we had to ask why she thinks so (especially considering THG is still holding court in the top five at the box office).

"She's the perfect visual representation of the Capitol's excess," Banks says. "I liken her to the Grinch, because her experience with Katniss makes her heart grow five sizes. She has a true character arch in the series, where she starts as a total loyalist and becomes a rebel through the positivity of her relationships with District 12. Then she becomes enlightened, which is something we all strive for."

And to keep her looking chic throughout were a range of her trademark over-the-top looks, designed by the movie's costumers Kurt and Bart. "Effie's like a doll that people get to dress up," Banks adds. "In Mockingjay–Part 1, we had to wear a lot of jumpsuits in District 13, so it was great for them to get to design splashy, custom pieces again." Apparently, the sartorial odds were ever in her favor, too.