Isabel Jones
Nov 29, 2017 @ 5:15 pm

In mid-November, CNN issued a harrowing report from Libya in which the outlet obtained footage of what appeared to be refugees being sold into slavery.

After Libyan authorities were alerted to CNN’s report, the Libyan Government of National Accord released a statement denouncing the slave trade and explaining that the country does not have the resources to fight the epidemic alone.

“[Libya] is going through difficult times which affected its own citizens as well. It is, therefore, not fair to assume responsibility for the consequences of this immigration, which everyone unanimously agreed that addressing this phenomenon exceeds the national capacities," the statement read.

Michael Stewart/WireImage; Jim Spellman/WireImage; Mike Coppola/Getty Images

In order to put these horrific trades to an end, people are bringing awareness to the under-reported issue by posting their reactions on social media. And celebrities are among those who are using their platforms speak to their followers about it.

Stars are sharing their outrage across the web—scroll down below to read (and watch) their powerful statements:

Bella Hadid

I am so disturbed. As should all of you.Millions of African refugees are being bought, sold, murdered, raped, and taken as property. Some either drowned before even making it, or now completely trapped in Libya. And for the refugees who have already died will never be identified and end up being buried without even the decency of names or proper graves...But, this didn't just start. This is something that now is thankfully being brought to light. But people continue to suffer. When researching, these images that are surfacing make me completely hysterical every time I look at them. Can you imagine looking into any one of their eyes? All of the pain they are suffering through. Emotionally, psychically, mentally.. I wish I could give them everything I have. I can't even guess the scale of the pain that they are going through. This is inhumane. This is disgusting. These men..women..CHILDREN are losing their future. Their hope. Their dignity. This is a complete disregard of human LIFE. This is something that should not be happening regardless, and now we need to make sure it does NOT continue to happen ever again. It is something that as a whole we have to speak up&speak out against. Try to be the voice of these innocent and helpless men&women that can not be heard. There is no excuse for this. This is shameful. Imagine if that was your baby. Your loved one. YOUR family. Being sold as a slave. Treated completely less than what they truly deserve to be treated as. A real HUMAN. In what F*cking time are we in that this is still allowed to happen? Let's make petitions.Support organizations that give aid to countries where these migrants are coming from. Become an advocate in the FIGHT against human trafficking and slavery. Show people what is REALLY happening in OUR world. Because it will only get worse from here if you choose to be silent. I always say:I know this post won't heal lives or mend hearts immediately..but I will try my best To help and I hope whoever is following me,that you all do too. I am standing with all every1 in Libya to fight against slavery.With Love🦋#SlaveryHasNOPlaceInThisWorld #Libya

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