There's a Reason the Bachelor Never Offers Cold Contestants His Jacket

Peter Weber isn't to blame!

When Peter Weber isn’t busy enabling dramatic Bachelor contestants or looking confused, he’s seemingly refusing to give his jacket to some Very Cold potential wives. But ah, that’s where you (me, we!) are mistaken.

Peter Weber, The Bachelor
ABC/Eric McCandless

This illusion reached crisis level during Monday’s episode when Madison asked to speak with Weber outside the airplane hangar they’d conducted the rose ceremony in (he’s a pilot, remember?) and she, clad in a sleeveless jumpsuit, told him, “It’s frickin’ cold out here!”

Weber’s jacket remained ON.

One Entertainment Weekly writer, perplexed by the reality series’s freezing women and well-insulated men motif, reached out to a producer for answers.

“The Bachelor nearly always offers his jacket to every shivering woman sitting in front of him,” one of the show’s producers told the outlet. “But [we] tell him not to, because it looks so damn silly.”

Chivalry: SO. DAMN. SILLY.

Instead of allowing the visual of “a small woman draped in an enormous blazer” to reach the masses, producers reportedly keep a collection of pashminas on site for any women in need.

It’s OK for contestants to be warm, as long as it’s aesthetically pleasing, I guess?

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