Baby Archie's Royal Cousins May Hold a Clue About When We'll See Him Next

Don't expect him to make his Trooping the Colour debut on Saturday.

The Queen’s annual birthday parade, held each June (she was born in April but just go with it), is one of the most momentous royal events of the year — known to even occasionally mark a hiatus in maternity leaves.

Kate Middleton broke her leave for the occasion in 2015 just six weeks after giving birth to Princess Charlotte, and again in 2018 six weeks after Prince Louis’s arrival. It’s speculated that Meghan Markle may follow suit, attending her first event since posing with son Archie days after his birth in early May. Regardless, there’s one member of the royal family we’re fairly certain won’t be making an appearance: Baby Archie.

The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Pose With Their Newborn Son
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At just 4 weeks old, the youngest royal appears to be just too young for the occasion. Though there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rule about the age one must be to attend, there’s no precedent for someone as young as Archie.

Prince Louis, who celebrated his first birthday in April, is expected to attend his first Trooping of the Colour this year. Princess Charlotte was also just over a year old when she first attended in 2016, and Prince George (whose birthday is in late July) didn’t attend until 2015 when he was just weeks shy of 2 years old. Prince William was also around 2 when he made his Trooping the Colour debut, while Archie's dad, Prince Harry, was 9 months old.

Royal Spectators
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The youngest royal to attend the event in its 68-year history was Prince Edward, who was just 3 months old when he went in 1964 — but that's still a solid two months older than Archie.

Royal Wave
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So when will we have the chance to see lil Archie again? Likely not until his christening. Royal tots are typically christened at two to three months old — Louis was about 10 weeks old, Charlotte was 2 months old, and George was 3 months old. So we can probably expect the next Archie sighting in July or August.

See you soon, Baby Sussex!

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