Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Claire Stern
Nov 22, 2015 @ 1:30 pm

Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio was famously crowned the Prince of New York City, women far and wide have been buzzing about who would inherit his throne. Our money's on Ansel Elgort. Not only is the Allegiant star (and InStyle's Man of Style Award winner) a Manhattan native, his piercing brown eyes and finely swept wavy hair make the ladies swoon so hard that they create fan accounts on Instagram to express their undying emotion. So really, it wasn't hugely surprising that when we recently attended a panel discussion with the actor and his family at the Pratt Institute, the auditorium was estrogen-packed. 

We caught up with Elgort before the talk to inquire whether he's come to terms with his recent heartthrob status, and it turns out, he's pretty okay with it. "I'm happy that it's a result of something that I worked hard for," he told InStyle. "When people recognize you for something that you're proud of, like The Fault in Our Stars, it's really nice, because that's a movie that means a lot to me. For young people in this industry, most of the roles out there aren't that rich, so I actually feel very lucky that that's how people know me." He added: "There's a point in time when it becomes more than just a film, but I wouldn't say I'm at that point yet." We'd say he's well on his way. 

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