Hugh Jackman plays giant pool with Jimmy Fallon.
Credit: Courtesy

Now when it comes to choosing two sports you'd most like to watch Hugh Jackman play, pool and bowling are probably pretty low on the list. But put them together and, somehow, you've got some darn good TV. The handsome actor—whose hair is just starting to grow back from when he went bald for his upcoming film Pan—participated in the new Tonight Show game during his visit on Wednesday.

The Aussie star, looking as buff as ever, managed to look just as silly as host Jimmy Fallon (who cried, "I'm awful at pool!") while standing on a giant pool table and rolling bowling-sized billiard balls. But even for a game as ridiculous as part-pool, part-bowling, Jackman still decided to be noble: When the Oscar-nominated actor attempted to cheat during the game, he ’fessed up. What a good sport! (Or in this case, sports.)

Find out who wins the first-ever game of pool bowling, Hugh Jackman or Jimmy Fallon, here:

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