Katy Perry Wore ALL the Sparkles Before 10 a.m.

Katy Perry
Photo: Raymond Hall/Getty

It’s morning in New York. Do you know where your kirakira+ app is? Mine is open at all times, anxiously awaiting any flicker of light to appear in my eye site. So you’ll understand how epicly disappointed I was to see this photo of Katy Perry, seen outside Good Morning America today. Before the clock struck even 10 a.m., Perry stomped the streets of New York City to promote her American Idol judge status in a look few would opt to wear before the sunset.

And let me tell you this: We. Are. All. For It.

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Fire engine red pumps, black sheer tights, and oval yellow-tinted sunnies: all great. But what really made my inner My Little Pony-obsessed (and BTW DENIED) child excited: her Attico sequin-embellished wrap dress. Disco personified in a dress. And V on trend, if you ask us.

The real thing will cost you a cold, hard $2,678, but there are tons of affordable (and less dramatic) ways to incorporate sparkles into your everyday wardrobe. Look no further than here to see what I’m talking about.

Stay winning, Perry. Stay winning.

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