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Leatherdos Hair Clip
Credit: Courtesy

With the right motions and enough patience, a spare bobby pin might come in handy if you ever find yourself locked out of your apartment, but now, the Leatherdos hair clip is about to give that method some competition!

In what could be considered a cross between a barrette and a Swiss Army Knife, the innovative accessory also moonlights as a screwdriver, ruler, mini-wrench, trolley coin, and a cutting tool with its serrated edge—all while keeping your layers in check. We're not sure if the clip would fly through airport security, but we could definitely see ourselves using it during a camping trip, or in the unlikely instance that our spare key goes missing. The best part? It's only $10! Find the Leatherdos clip at amazon.com now. We're sure Inspector Gadget, or at least his fashion-forward niece Penny, would be proud.