Here's Who Mila Kunis Wants Ashton Kutcher to Marry If She Dies

We definitely didn't see this coming.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been happily married for four years and share two children together, but in the event of her untimely death, Mila knows exactly who she would set her husband up with.

The whole situation is morbid and strange, but just wait, it gets even more weird. While making an appearance on actress Andrea Savage's podcast A Grown-Up Woman, Kunis was presented five women to choose from for Ashton to marry if she dies.

Option one was the couple's good friend Kristen Bell. The only problem? Mila would have to get rid of Bell's current husband, Dax Shepard, who the actress admitted she would "totally murder" for Ashton's happiness.

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher
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Next up was Demi Burnett from Bachelor in Paradise, to which Mila gave a firm "no."

Then, there was reality star Bethenny Frankel. Savage pointed out that she and Ashton both are entrepreneurs, but Mila concluded that they would make better partners in business than in life.

Her fourth option, Anna Kournikova, knocked Kristen out the top spot. However, it was Mila's last choice that ultimately won the vote. "The last one is a little out there, but this really keeps it in the family," Savage warned. "Your mother."

Without hesitation, Mila replied: "F— yeah. I want my mom to have a f— fun time and get it on with my husband."

"Sorry, dad. I'm sure you're great, but my husband is rad and fun and awesome 100 percent of the time," she added, before explaining the reason behind her decision. "My mom would make my kids the best food. My husband would be fed. He'd be taken care of. And, you know what? My mom would go out on a high note."

Mila also revealed that Ashton and her mom already have a great relationship, which was all the more reason for them to end up together. "She loves Ashton more than she loves me and he loves my mother. They love each other."

We're really hoping nothing ever happens to Mila, because this would be too bizarre — even for Hollywood's standards.

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