By Meredith Lepore
Updated Dec 23, 2014 @ 4:02 pm
Credit: Courtesy

When it comes to her maternity style and lifestyle site, Blake Lively often breaks new ground. But for the holidays, the expecting actress leans toward the traditional: She says it's all about spending time with loved ones. Lively got into the spirit by dishing on her family's Christmas traditions in a new video with The Kit.

Although Lively is quite the passionate cook, she credits her father as being the best Christmas cookie baker—and sharer. "Actually my dad makes the good cookies," she says in the video. "My mom, she makes cookies, but she doesn't really share them. So I love the smell of them but it's more that it's like tantalizing. But my dad—my dad does share his cookies."

The holidays are a lively family affair for the mom-to-be, even beyond baking sweets. “[Christmas] is really just about being with family so we never leave the house. We’re together all day whether we’re making gingerbread houses, we’re baking cookies, we’re sitting around watching movies; we’re all piled up," says Lively, who has four older siblings.

“I don’t know how my family does it, [but] everybody gets in the same bed somehow. We just spend seven hours that day all together just chatting. It’s really nice to have that time because it’s rare we get time when we’re all together." While she didn't elaborate on whether husband Ryan Reynolds typically joins in on the dog pile—or if the tradition will evolve due to her pregnancy—there's no doubt that Lively will try to get in some quality family time this season.

For more on what the holidays mean to Lively, watch the full video here: