The trend of the lightning fast engagement might have its hold on most of young Hollywood, but Karlie Kloss is an exception. After a comparatively lengthy relationship spanning six years, the model announced Tuesday that she and Josh Kushner are officially engaged.

"I love you more than I have words to express. Josh, you’re my best friend and my soulmate. I can’t wait for forever together. Yes a million times over," she wrote on Instagram.

It's all sweet and exciting, but to those Kloss fans who somehow don't have the scoop on her relationship, it's also prime time to do some digging on who this Josh guy is anyway. Luckily, we've done the hard part for you. Read on for what you need to know about the future Mr. Karlie Kloss.

Yes, he's related to Jared Kushner.

Let's get this one out of the way early: Josh is Jared's younger brother. Jared, 37, is currently a White House advisor to President Donald Trump and oh, he's also married to Ivanka Trump.

That's a sure-fire way to spice up family reunions.

Who is Josh Kushner lead
Credit: Alo Ceballos

But he's got different political views than Jared.

While Jared, obviously, is a staunch conservative, Josh does not share his opinions. In fact, he seems rather liberal, and he's said so himself.

"It is no secret that liberal values have guided my life and that I have supported political leaders that share similar values,” he said in an interview with Forbes.

You might not know much about him because he and Kloss keep their relationship private.

With Kloss and Kushner, it's not likely that you'll see a whole lot of PDA or cute public declarations of love à la Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Why? Because they prefer it that way.

"It's not like I've ever wanted to be so secretive about my private life. Carolina Herrera always says, 'A woman who's an open book is boring,'" Kloss said, according to Entertainment Tonight. "There's no mystery anymore. I know in my life what really matters to me. I'm not trying to hide that from the world; I just really like having a more private private life. I've got nothing to hide, though!"

He attended March for Our Lives and the Women's March on Washington.

In yet another stark difference between him and his big bro, Josh has been spotted at peaceful protests to end gun violence ... and directly protest Trump.

Axios reported that he even donated $50,000 to March for Our Lives.

He's got that money to donate because he's a venture capitalist.

Outside of being Kloss's beau, Josh has been busy in the world of business. According to Town & Country, he's co-founded an insurance company called Oscar Health, a private equity firm called Thrive Capital, an online gaming site, and a real estate and tech venture called Cadre.