Who Is Shauna Sexton? Meet the Playboy Model Dating Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck set the celebrity world aflame with drama last week when he was spotted sharing dinner with a 22-year-old Playboy model who was decidedly not his longtime SNL producer girlfriend Lindsay Shookus.

On Monday, some of our confusion was cleared up when we learned that Affleck 46, and Shookus, 38, had broken up.

So now it looks like the father of three has a new woman in his life, and unless you’re a regular Playboy subscriber, you probably haven’t heard her name: Shauna Sexton.

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Here are a few things to know about Ben’s potential new bae (who, FYI, is only 10 years older than his older daughter, in case you were wondering).

She’s a Vet Technician

Yes, she’s a successful model, but it’s more of a Flashdance-type situation. When she’s not stripping down for the camera, she’s working as a full-time veterinarian technician, which is something she loves “more than anything.”

In fact, she doesn’t even consider herself a model. Not really.

“I don’t classify myself as a model,” she told Playboy. “It’s so cliché nowadays for people to say, ‘I’m a model.’ I need to have some sort of backup plan. Modeling is my plan B. If it takes off, I’d be stoked. You’re only outwardly pretty for so long!” Real talk.

When She’s Not Working, She’s Working Out

I mean, she has to, considering she eats “like an NFL linebacker.” Uh huh.

She Knows What She Wants In a Man

Sexton described her ideal man in her Playboy profile, pointing to sense of humor and authenticity as main must-haves.

“Humor is so important. I need someone who can keep up with my sarcasm or it’s just not going to work,” she explained. “I want someone who’s able to compromise but doesn’t sell himself short,” Shauna continued. “I appreciate people who are the truest forms of themselves and brutally honest about who they are.”

To be fair, frequenting his local Jack in the Box drive-through with a 22-year-old Playboy model feels like a pretty authentic version of Affleck.

She Was “Very Single” In May

Playboy’s May 2018 Playmate of the Month told the magazine she was “very much single” at the time of her interview, but Shauna’s not one for stasis. Speaking to the future, Sexton said, “As long as I continue to grow as a person, I’ll be where I need to be.”

She’s Rather Partial to the Nude Photoshoot

As in her Instagram is 90% topless photos, which I suppose is an occupational hazard? Kudos to Miss Sexton for being so comfortable in her own skin.

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