By Mariah Smith
Updated Mar 12, 2019 @ 9:45 pm
Hannah Brown Bachelorette
Credit: ABC

What's more exciting than Bachelor Colton Underwood jumping a fence and wearing Cassie down enough for one last date? The announcement of our next Bachelorette. For the first time ever, the options were truly endless — each woman this season was either eliminated by Colton or eliminated herself. It could have been any of them.

But there can only be one — and that person is Alabama’s very own Hannah Brown.

You may have seen Hanna B. on the pageant circuit, or screeching at the top of her lungs in response to Caelynn’s sheer existence. While some might be confused about why neither of the brokenhearted finalists from Colton's season were chosen, I'll just say this: I'm not.

Why? Well, let's take a look at what happened last time around. Last year, Becca Kufrin won Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart — and then got dumped by him once he realized he actually loved Lauren Burnham. All of this, of course, played out on national television. The footage was ‘raw’ and ‘shocking,’ in that Becca was blindsided during a Happy Couple Weekend and had to deal with Arie not leaving her space after she asked him multiple times. It was only after that massacre that Becca was named the next Bachelorette.

It was a Bachelor Nation national tragedy, and so I'm not surprised that this season they wanted to start off on a lighter note. Having Colton end up fiance-less and incredibly sangry (sad and angry) would just be cruel. Yes, Hannah B. was shocked and hurt when Colton didn’t offer her a rose on their final one-on-one date, but at least she was eliminated in the traditional way (unlike so many others this season). And, when talking about this elimination of last week’s Women Tell All, she seemed happy about the outcome and pleased that being on the show pushed her out of her comfort zone. Hannah and Chris Harrison even toasted to her finding “fierce love,” which is not only a sweet sentiment but also a sweet tagline for her season. A lot better than Becca’s “Do the Damn Thing,” at least.

Of course, Hannah B. being named the lead of the next season was hinted in other ways, too. Many wondered why a scene she shot with Colton during Hannah G’s hometown never aired, even though it was teased throughout the season. The answer could be as simple as it just got lost on the cutting room floor, or it was shelved until the first episode of her season where she explains how she’s over Colton and ready for her “fierce love.” This makes the most sense, considering Hannah’s been seen around Alabama shooting promotional footage with Bachelorette cameras.

All things considered, Hannah is a solid choice for next season, and she seems to think so, too. Just last week, she told reporters last week that she’d be “damn entertaining” as the Bachelorette. We hope so — this season has been messy enough.