Who Is Nacho Figueras, Prince Harry's Model BFF?

Polo player, model, and ... romance novelist?

In the midst of royal gossip about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, at least one person has stepped up to defend them: Harry's friend, Nacho Figueras.

Nearly a week after defending Prince Harry to a reporter who had asked him to comment on Harry leaving his newborn son behind for royal engagements, Nacho continued to stand up for his friend, telling CBS This Morning, "How dare that guy, you know, tells a father who loves his child and is leaving his house for 24 hours and he's going to raise money for thousands of vulnerable children in Africa. How dare he say something like that. It bothers me how these guys change the narrative of the thing. If you don't pay attention and respond ... strongly, that's the story."

Nacho, however, is more than just Prince Harry's longtime friend — he's truly a jack-of-all-trades. Here are a few things about Harry's BFF.

He's an Accomplished Polo Player

In fact, he's often referred to as "the David Beckham of polo."

He's been ranked as one of the top 100 polo players in the world, and regularly teams up with Prince Harry for charity polo matches.

He's Also a Model

He's modeled with Ralph Lauren, as is only appropriate for a top polo player.

He was also voted the second most handsome man in the world by Vanity Fair readers in 2009, behind only Robert Pattinson (and ahead of Brad Pitt). Here are some more of his modeling shots, y'know, for the sake of research.

He Co-Founded a Design Consultancy

In 2013, he and Estudio Ramos co-founded the Figueras Design Group, a global design consultancy focused on equine sports and cultural, institutional, residential, and commercial clients.

And He's a Romance Novelist

Well, kind of. In 2016, he helped to market and launch a series of polo-themed novels, which blend polo with "a little bit of romance." The books, written by Jessica Whitman — the pseudonym for an anonymous writing team based in New York’s Hudson Valley — are "set in the glamorous, treacherous world of high-stakes polo competition."

What a renaissance man.

He's Taken (Sorry)

He wrote on the website for his novels that he met his wife at a polo match, and it was basically a love-at-first-sight situation.

"I was in the stands and she was coming up the stairs, and I looked at her and she looked at me, and we looked at each other," he wrote. "I had to know more, so I asked her cousin Sofia to introduce us, and she tells me, 'That’s funny; she just asked me the same thing.' So Sofia introduced us, and Delfina and I talked for a little bit. It was the beginning of the summer, and we didn’t see each other for two or three months, but I still thought of her. After the holiday, we started dating, and we have been together ever since."

Delfina is also a model — they've been married since 2004, and have four children together.

He and Harry Really Do Go Way Back

Here they are at a polo match together in 2009, during which Harry is spitting champagne at Nacho — just friends being friends.

Prince Harry Nacho Figueras
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

And here they are in 2019, being polo buddies.

Prince Harry Nacho Figueras
Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty Images

He and his wife attended Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding last year, and despite rumors that Prince Harry's friends aren't keen on Meghan, he's been nothing but complimentary of her.

In his CBS interview, Nacho said that he felt like it was important to speak up for Meghan and Harry because they're so often "misinterpreted."

"The headlines and the narrative is about them, you know, not getting along with so and so or not doing this or not doing that, is the baby sleeping or not sleeping," he said. "How about this guy, both of them, wake up every morning and all they think about is helping children. That's who he is. That's who they are."

There you have it: a polo champion, model, romance novelist, and excellent friend.

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