The tear-filled clip will break your heart.

By Christopher Luu
Updated Mar 28, 2019 @ 9:15 pm

Earlier this week, Whitney Port posted a cryptic message to her Instagram Story. Her followers didn't know what was in store, but in a new YouTube video posted today, Port explained. She said that after attending an event that was supposed to be all about celebrating moms, she expected to feel like part of a loving, inclusive community. Instead, she felt excluded by "cool moms."

She recounted talking to two other women at the event, both of whom she had met before, but never really clicked with. She likened the meeting to being in junior high all over again, where she wanted to be considered "cool," but never really fit in with the kids that she considered to be cool herself.

Port added that being on a TV show could be a reason for people to see her differently, because they're embarrassed to be seen with someone associated with reality TV. She said that the women gave off a passive-aggressive vibe and she felt them inch away from her, even though she explained that she was trying to be open and warm. She questions herself, too, saying that events like that are generally awkward, so that could have played a part. But it's an important thing to address, she says: "It hurts to feel like someone doesn't want to hang out with you or have a conversation with you or try to get to know you. I take it personally."

Whitney Port Galentine's Day Glow With Biossance
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She documented the experience in an eloquently titled video, "I Love My Baby But...Mom Bullies Can F Off." In what seemed to be a one-on-one therapy session with her husband Tim Rosenman, who was off-camera, she acknowledges the fact that it seems silly, but she really wanted to tell those women that they hurt her feelings.

"It's so easy to be nice to people. I don't even know that they even thought about it," she says. She added that one woman was avoiding eye contact with her during the event. Port said that "it would be so much easier to look at me and smile," but that she wasn't offered that simple kindness.

Port turned the issue on herself, too, addressing her own inner reflections and adding that it's on her, as well. She says that she can seem cold sometimes and that she's working to be more open and welcoming to everyone. She's been working on that for over 20 years, she explains.

"You're awkward," she says, telling her husband that she's been saying that to herself for over two decades. Instead, he offers words of support, explaining that she's interesting and kind and that's what she should focus on, not the negativity being hurled at her.

"Tell yourself that over and over again," Rosenman said. "Don't bully yourself."

Port came to the realization that she was bullying herself as much as the other moms were bullying her. Rosenman helped, asking her if she deserved for other people to be nice to her.

"I'm worthy of people being nice to me," she said. "But I think sometimes I can be quiet and awkward. I'm not mean to people."

In the end, Port decides not to let anyone else's actions get to her, vowing to work on her own self-esteem, instead. She hopes other women, mothers or not, do the same. Port's latest video is part of her series, "I Love My Baby But...," where she gets real about motherhood. Past topics include how painful breastfeeding can be and how hard it was for her when he started to go to pre-school. Watch her latest video, below, and for some down-to-earth talks on babies and being nice, sit back and watch them all.