Whitney Port Dishes on Season 2 of The City

Photo: Courtesy of MTV

It's only been a year and a half since Whitney Port first arrived in New York with the dream of becoming a fashion designer, but The City star has managed to live her dream. In the show's second season (premiering tonight on MTV at 10:30p.m. EST/PST), we'll get to see Port's journey to the runway with her line Whitney Eve. We chatted with the reality star, who dished about her fashion inspirations and the lessons she's learned in front of the cameras.

InStyle.com: What can we expect from tonight's season premiere?

Whitney Port: The premiere episode starts with me showing my line at Bryant Park last fall. It was a group show and it was all about gearing up for that. It was very intense and surreal. It happens so fast that you kind of black out after. It was one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced.

InStyle.com: This season is all about you blossoming as a fashion designer. What aspects of your career will we get to see?

Port: You'll see almost everything. You see it from the conception, from me designing to meeting with the pattern makers. You'll see me selling the line, doing press for it, shooting the lookbook.

InStyle.com: What lessons have you learned last season that have been helpful for Season 2?

Port: As a designer, I've learned that networking and meeting people are key as well as learning from other people who've made it. As a person, I've learned to not allow other people's opinions make or break me. [The fashion industry] is based so much on opinion that you have to learn how to shut it out and not let it get you down.

InStyle.com: Which designers inspire you?

Port: Valentino, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney. I just think they all have a specific image and viewpoint and are not afraid to take chances. They allow their designs to speak for themselves. They're really cutting edge. Even Valentino—in his day in age, he brought on a whole new aspect glamour.

InStyle.com: You and your best friend Roxy Olin occasionally clash on the show. How do you keep your friendship strong?

Port: She's my partner in crime. We also live together and are best friends. We step on each other's toes a little bit, but because we've known each other since high school, we try not let the show affect our friendship. We just get it. We talk things out and communicate well.

InStyle.com: What do you hope audiences will take away from this season?

Port: They're going to see this whole process, but I also want them to be patient with me through it all. I don't have any formal training so this is all trial and error. It's important for people to know that I've always wanted to do this. I've been working in fashion since high school. This is something I'd do with or without the show.

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