By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Mar 28, 2014 @ 12:32 pm
Marion P. Candles - Whitney Houston
Credit: Courtesy

Although Whitney Houston passed away over two years ago, her legacy and her music still continue to inspire. While we know the lyrics to her singles by heart, one thing we didn't know is that the singer was also quite talented in the world of fragrance. A few years before her death, Whitney inspired her manager and sister-in-law Patricia Houston to start the Marion P. line of candles, which pays tribute to the late star today by merging her ability to bring light to the world through her love of aromatherapy.

Started in 2011, the Marion P. range was influenced by the duo's many trips to Israel, and blends elements like soy and shea butter with luxe scents like cedar, fig, lychee, and grapefruit. "We had visited the Holy Land about four times, and we loved it, so we based the line around fragrances from the area and chose names like Jericho, Tiberias, and Galilea for each of the candles," Houston tells exclusively. "It was two years prior to her death that we started the process of creating the line, and doing candles seemed appropriate. Candles radiate different meanings to people's lives—almost like a gift of life, which Whitney thought I was to her, and I was so, so honored."

Each scent is beautiful on its own, but can also be combined to create a signature aroma in your home. Houston's personal favorite combination is Galilea, an airy honeysuckle scent, layered with Jericho, a heady cedar-amber blend. "The honeysuckle is softer and Jericho has a deep amber base, so the two balance each other out," she tells us.

Scent holds such close ties to memory, and the Noel candle in particular is notable for Houston. It was developed in conjunction with Whitney's Christmas album, and was actually the star's favorite from the line—a fun fact Houston discovered while she and the star were on a business trip.

"We had adjoining hotel rooms and she'd usually play gospel music while relaxing. One particular morning, the music wasn't on, so I politely stepped into her room," she tells us. "The curtains were barely open, but you could see the sun coming in, and she was just sitting and having breakfast with the candle lit. I looked at her and said 'Wow, you're so at peace,' and it was so nice. It created a very peaceful feeling in her room, and that's why they were created."

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Teen Summit charity, a non-profit organization supported by the late star that aims to help teens and young adults in facing life challenges through a mentoring program. Shop the candles for $65 each at now.