Why Isn't Chrissy Teigen at the Oscars?

Even though she tweeted fans that she had an Oscars dress all ready to go, Chrissy Teigen was notably absent on the red carpet for this year's award show, causing many of her fans to wonder, well, why?

As it turns out, she was never planning to go in the first place, and she cleared that up hours before the red carpet even started. She tweeted Sunday afternoon that she had "canceled" Oscars Sunday, and she was willing to trade her dress in for food-related tips, which is where the rumor started.

"I have cancelled Oscars Sunday and am trying to track down the taco truck featured in Ugly Delicious," she tweeted. "does anyone around 6 months pregnant need a dress."

A few hours later, though, she clarified that she was not actually planning on attending the Oscars after all.

"Clarification: I was never going to the Oscars this year!" she tweeted. "Just no longer going to any viewings or after-parties. I am, however, flying to China super late tonight post taco party. Luna is coming on tour!"

In case you were wondering, Teigen did find that taco truck recommendation, courtesy of Food & Wine, so even though she won't be at the Oscars, all's well that ends well.

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