Catch the Last Supermoon of 2015—in Vieques

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Quick! There's still time to catch sight of the final supermoon of 2015 in the October sky.

The last of this year's supermoons—when a new or full moon overlaps with perigee, aka the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit—will glow bright overhead around midnight UTC time (that's Eastern Daylight Time + 4 hours for all you layfolk). You can see it anywhere, but it's in prime view where there's little light pollution ... we're thinking the island of Vieques, less than eight miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. The tiny island doesn't require a passport to visit, and its isolation allows that astronomical light to flood the night sky even more than other places, since it doesn't have a single traffic light, locals often travel by horseback, and nearly two-thirds of the island is a nature reserve. You can expect there to be very little in the way of man-made illumination, as well as pristine beaches on the northern side facing the Atlantic Ocean and the southern coast dropping into the Caribbean Sea.

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Three-hour flights from the East Coast to San Juan are pretty cheap—around $500 round-trip leaving today or tomorrow—and once you arrive and boat over to Vieques, there's one place we love to stay: the W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Island. To sweeten your supermoon retreat, the resort has partnered with Bieque Eco Trips to create magical stargazing outings by kayak on the Bahia Fosforescente (that famous bioluminescent bay) at Puerto Mosquito, one of the brightest in the world. Head out at nightfall and watch as light-producing micro-organisms sparkle in the dark below and the supermoon gazes down on you from above. No need to bring your smartphone: The bioluminescence is nearly impossible to photograph. You just have to go out on a kayak and see it for yourself. A guide is on hand with laser pointers to add an astronomy lesson to the outing.

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