Clone of Shu Uemura Lash Curler
Credit: Courtesy

After diamonds, a girl’s best friend is an eyelash curler. Using one is the easiest way to perk up tired eyes in the morning or amp up the drama before a night out. But like all good things, eyelash curlers must come to an end eventually. It might sound like an odd question, but when was the last time you replaced yours?

If you’re anything like us, you probably picked up Shu Uemura’s award-winning cult favorite ($20; and assumed you were set for life—until you wore through your replacement pad and tried to buy more. Turns out, you can’t. The brand doesn’t sell replacement pads in stores or online for a reason (and no, it’s not a marketing ploy to get you to spend money).

After speaking to a Shu Uemura representative, we learned the truth—and honestly, it makes perfect sense. The rep confirmed that if you use the tool every single day, the silicone pad will wear down after three months. Once you pop in the refill, you’ll be good to go for another 90 days, but by then you might start noticing your curler isn’t offering the immaculate precision it once did (it’s OK to admit it). This is a sign you’re ready for a new one and though it won't be easy, you have to move on. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your lashes.

So, what we learned is this: Eyelash curlers do, in fact, have a lifespan and it’s a total of six months. Who knew?