Eye Cream - Lead
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As the overused saying goes, eyes are the windows to your soul, but with the skin around said windows being the thinnest on your face, they'll need some extra protection against line-forming elements. That reason alone is why any good makeup bag should include a rich eye cream like Kenzoki Ice Cold formula ($45;—which, P.S., feels even more amazing when stored in the fridge—but it poses the next obvious question. When should you officially start using eye cream? While some claim you should start at the first sign of wrinkles, realistically, you can start using antioxidant-rich versions like Estelle & Thild's ($54; and Benefit's ($34; as early as your 20s as a preventative measure. Of course, the starting point varies depending on your genetics and exposure to sun, but if you're noticing crow's feet taking shape and have yet to start, seek out potent formulas like Vichy's Aqualia Thermale Eye Balm ($29; and La Prairie's Cellular Swiss Crystal Eye Cream ($235;, which can soften any existing lines, while preventing new ones from forming.

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