Street Style - Day 5 - New York Fashion Week Fall 2015
Credit: Timur Emek/Getty Images

It's that time of the year again when temperatures drop, sweater weather emerges, and the great tights debate surfaces. The question of when we should break out our tights remains a steadfast dilemma that we face every time fall rolls out. Even though there's no hard-and-fast rule, it seems as though everyone has some opinion on the matter. We turned to our in-house experts to share their thoughts on the issue: When should we start wearing tights?

"I try to wait as long as I can until I have to wear tights—usually that's about 50 degrees. I like black opaque pairs (the Wolford matte opaque 80 tights are well worth the high price tag!). I mostly wear black, navy, and gray, so classic black tights work really well with those shades." —Ali Pew, Senior Style Editor

"Since it stays frigid in New York through late March, I try not to wear tights till late December. My favorites are the gray ribbed ones from Wolford. Once you start sporting them, it's hard to go back, so I stick to bare legs, chunky socks, and ankle booties, for as long as I can." —Priya Rao, Senior Fashion Writer

"The decision about when to wear tights has less to do with the date on the calendar and more to do with the actual temperature it is outside. I am a huge fan of black opaque stockings, so I pretty much start wearing them as soon as it is comfortable to do so. Yesterday, it was super humid and 74 degrees in New York—definitely not tights weather. But today? It’s cloudy and 60 degrees, so I say, hells yeah! If it’s brisk enough to bust out your favorite new fall sweater, it’s brisk enough for tights, IMHO." —Amy Synnott, Executive Editor

"I'm not wearing tights until it is really cold. Instead, I'm opting for over-the-knee boots to keep me warm." —Wendy Wallace, Market Director

"Haha! I don’t wear tights. I wear leather pants under skirts and thigh-high boots all winter!" —Danielle Prescod, Accessories Editor