Karl Lagerfeld
Credit: Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

It was bound to happen. With a cat as cute as Choupette Lagerfeld, owner Karl Lagerfeld has turned into a total stage mom. "Choupette is a big star. She is the most famous cat in the world," Lagerfeld told InStyle at the Louis Vuitton Celebrates Monogram party Friday night (Nov. 7). In fact, it seems the famed Chanel designer has been playing tough agent to his fluffy feline. "Normally I don’t want her to work," he said. "We get offers from food companies, car companies, and I say, 'No, no, no, no.'"

He did make an exception recently for Opel's 2015 calendar, but it sounds like the negotiations got tough. "The car company said we want only 12 photos, and I said, 'Then you have to pay her,'" Lagerfeld said. "I don’t want to say how much. I think she is highest paid cat in the world, but I keep the money for her especially. If something would happen to me, the person who cares for her would get all that money." Talk about being the cat's meow!

Reporting by Eric Wilson.